Is there a shortage of smart watch?

Notifications are the main reason why smart watch are bought to display messages without taking the phone out of their pockets. With smart watches you can easily see notifications. That saves time.

In some areas, using mobile phones is prohibited, and in this location we can use a smart watch to display notifications without removing the phone.

We can control the volume of the Sonos sound system with a few simple beats on my watch. With this help you can also activate and deactivate the sound. All of these features are part of futuristic technology, the Internet of Things.

During the Apple Spring Forward program, Apple CEO Tim Cook showed how the Apple Watch was used to bypass airport security by displaying boarding passes directly on the Smart Watch. This is also useful for airport security. With this help we can save trees and paper.

In several smart watches, there are several ways to accept calls. For example, many smart watches allow users to answer and reject calls and connect headphones. This is more useful to users because we do not have easy access to smartphones while walking or driving. With smart Watch , users can answer and talk directly from their watches. It’s not good to make all calls, but it’s useful for quick calls if you can not open your phone.

Fitness Tracking: There are many physical fitness trackers specifically in the market that are not always convenient to use. Fitness applications like Endomondo and Strava are very well compatible with smart watches. So you can replace your workout tracker with a smart watch.

If you’re out in the city and want to listen to music, you can use a smart watch. You can pause and adjust the music.

One of the biggest disadvantages of smartphones is the smartwatch battery. You can keep the battery of your smartphone. Bluetooth 4.0, which connects smartwatches to smartphones, uses very little battery.

Personalization: You can change the face of your smart watch every day of the week. Monday You can use more professional wallpapers and Fridays. You can use elegant wallpaper.

The navigation finally came to navigation and went easily through the unknown for smartwatches city. Smartwatch helps us by indicating the direction when and where to turn next.

In my opinion, the best smart watches are

At this time, the Samsung Gear S2 is one of the most popular smart watches on the market.

Samsung Gear S2 features a versatile circular design with intuitive and special UX and advanced features that allow users to enhance, personalize and enjoy their mobile experience.

The exclusive S2 Gear rotary bezel, along with the Start and Back buttons, provides a faster and more convenient way to easily access notifications and applications.

The disadvantages of smart watches:

Unlike smartphones, touch-screen phones can not help with some games and software downloads. The touch screen phone is suitable for anyone who wants to quickly make personal calls. And even those who frequently use social networking sites may be disappointed by the limitations of this watch’s capabilities. It is almost impossible to surf the Internet with touchscreen watches that offer small screens and basic operating systems.

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